Set up MySQL Driver in Python

To start utilizing MySQL in Python, it is advisable to do the next:

Step 1 – Set up the MySQL Connector

Utilizing pip, we are able to set up the MySQL Connector bundle:

python -m pip set up mysql-connector-python

Step 2 – Take a look at the MySQL Connector

Create a Python file and import the brand new bundle:

import mysql.connector

Step 3 – Create a Connection to the MySQL Database

Now you may create a connection to your MySQL database.

Create a file known as and place the next inside:

import mysql.connector

your_database = mysql.connector.join(
  host = "localhost"
  consumer = "username"
  password = "YoUrPaSsWoRd"


Step 4 – Run the applying

Now run the Python script to see our connection happen:

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