linking points for qt 6.4.2 for “qInitResources_materialsystem” for iOS with Cmake

I am attempting to construct an iOS utility utilizing QT6.4.2 and Cmake, I am getting following linking error

"qInitResources_materialsystem()", referenced from: QGlobalStatic<QtGlobalStatic::Holder<(nameless namespace)::Q_QGS_qt3dGlobalShaderPrototypes> >::operator->() in libQt63DRender.a(shaderbuilder.cpp.o)

snapshot of installed libs and packages for QT 6.4.2

I am utilizing QT 6.4.2 with cmake construct. If my linker command or cmake script helps, please let me know, I will hyperlink them as nicely.

I’ve already gone by following posts from QT neighborhood and SO however no luck,



undefined reference to `qInitResources_systray()’

Qt linker error LNK2019 on qInitResources() – RCC

Linker error in MDI Qt utility: undefined reference to qInitResources_mdi()

Any steering/assistance is appreciated.

Ronak Jain.

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