ios – The best way to view chosen picture with photopicker

I need assistance organising this code to have my chosen picture substitute the button, as an alternative of the picture sitting underneath the button. How do i rewrite this code to view the picture that’s changing the button that enable the person to choose the picture

                                    choice: $selectedItem,
                                    matching: .photographs,
                                    photoLibrary: .shared()
                                   ) {
                                       Picture(systemName: "individual.fill")
                                           .font(.system(dimension: 64))
                                   .onChange(of: selectedItem) { newValue in
                                       Job {
                                           if let information = strive? await newValue?.loadTransferable(sort: Knowledge.self) {
                                               selectedImageData = information
                                   if let selectedImageData, let uiImage = UIImage(information: selectedImageData) {
                                       Picture(uiImage: uiImage)
                                           .body(width: 250, peak: 250)

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