authentication – XAMARIN :: Sturdy password era iOS not saved in keychain

In my xamarin software there may be the choice to create a person. Now that i’ve my related domains setup correctly, iOS prompts the person with the query if he needs to make use of a powerful password for his account and to retailer it in his key chain. This isn’t construct within the app, however some iOS characteristic. Now i’ve the issue that after registering with a powerful password, the password is just not save within the keychain nor does it immediate when the person wish to login. Downside is, the person doesn’t know its password and can’t login after he logged out. I’ve this on all iOS units in testflight and within the reside software.

What could possibly be the issue, or can somebody information me in a route the place i might discover a solution?

I attempted to tinker with some customized code to repair it. however

            if (!NSUserDefaults.StandardUserDefaults.BoolForKey("FirstLaunch"))
                // Delete the keychain objects on first launch so after a reinstall the bottom line is gone
                // Tried all kinds of mixture of securityRecords
                var securityRecords = new[] {

                foreach (var recordKind in securityRecords)
                    SecRecord question = new SecRecord(recordKind);
                    // For now as a take a look at disable this. So we are able to test if keychain password will get saved once more. Undecided if first launch bool get accurately saved
                    //SecKeyChain.Take away(question);

                // Mark that the app is first launched
                NSUserDefaults.StandardUserDefaults.SetBool(true, "FirstLaunch");

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